Sunday, March 13, 2016

Tunnel Book, With Ginni Guzior

 Measurements and papers we will need.

 Tunnel Book presented by Ginni Guzior
Scroll down a few posts and You will see her work. 

Please bring the following supplies:
Magazine and/or other images of flowers, tress, nature, etc. Can be from birthday cards, etc
members will cut out images and use them in the layers of this tunnel book.
Images should not be larger than 4-6 inches tall and 1-3 inches wide.
A good variety of sizes works best.
 Ginni, starts us off with measuring the side accordion folds that will house the sections. She suggest that you pick a double printed paper because you would see the inside and it might be nice to have it work with the section.

 We had a great crowd of members...this was half of them there. We had four new members join.

 Fold one way and then fold back the other way and Ginni suggested that we fold individually instead of piling it up it will make it wonky.

 Quick look at how the folds will go but you will need to complete the whole sheet. The fold is 3/4" all the way through the whole sheet...Accordion effect is what we want.

 Ginni is designing her section that will be one of four created today. Glues down the collage papers...I think at this point Nancy Carter ask...who invited the Tunnel Book...well here's some info What is a tunnel book.  
 Tracing over the shapes from the first sections so not to cover them up when viewing..

 Second section...Ginni is eyeing things up so not to block the view of the objects and item behind.

 Our Joan, is explaining things to her collage neighbor but you can see she's got some folds going there.
 One of our members....checking her measurements...

 Mary Ann has her's fold and gluing the middle sections in all ready.

 One of our members getting read to cut the papers.

 Here's a look at the book from the top so you can see the way the accordion side are glued to the middle section.
 Here's Laura's and well she did't follow all the rules and created a small one.

 Noreen a new member but not to collage,  finished here Tunnel book...

A look at it from up on top down..

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