Monday, December 25, 2017

Members Exhibit

Dear Friends,

Please mark your calendars for my reception at the Glen Ellyn Library Sunday afternoon, 2:00 to 3:30 January 7th.
I have more fluorescent dinosaurs and their friends on display on the second floor!
The Library is at 400 Duane Street in Glen Ellyn.

These paintings of dinosaurs were inspired by my high school reunion trip two summers ago when I went to the Detroit Zoo.
They had animatronic dinosaurs there that were almost life sized (enormous!) and moved and roared.
Just watching the way children and families interacted with them was so much fun.
Since then I've visited dinosaur exhibits at the Brookfield Zoo last summer and the Jurassic World exhibit at the Field Museum.
I'm hooked on dinosaurs!

It will be cold outside, but please come if you can!  There is a large parking lot right by the library.

Nancy Staszak

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Long-Time MCS Member

Mary Ann Gradisher, long-time MCS member, passed away on December 13. Mary Ann recently was awarded Third place for her collage in the Remnants and Remembrances show at the Chicago Cultural Center. The obituary:

It is with a very heavy heart I'm here to report the lost of Illiana Artists's president, Mary Ann Gradisher. This spirited woman had an amazing appetite and passion to learn, experience, and create. She was a prolific producer of mixed media, collage, and cold wax. If I could describe her in one word it would be fearless. Fearless in trying something new. Fearless in travel. Fearless during her battle with cancer.

I saw her as an inspiration. Many people her age would not have traveled to Cuba like she did last year. Why? To experience the color, old cars, and the art. One day MaryAnn stopped by my house and during a conversation, she told me that she was driving by herself to Arizona for a workshop. I asked why don’t you ask a friend to come along instead of traveling alone? Her response was they’re all afraid to travel. I can’t wait for them to make up their mind. This woman would go on her own to a new adventure, artsy-fartsy retreat, or sporting event at the drop of a hat. Nothing held her back. I hope to be as fearless when I'm her age.  
May people though MaryAnn was a tough woman, but let me tell you she was an old softy inside. When you got to know her you understand she knew what she wanted out of life. MaryAnn was an inspiration to many – I personally learned much from her.

The Illiana Artist's Regional Juried Event was a show near and dear to her heart. MaryAnn enjoyed seeing the variety of work walk through the Chesterton Art Center's doors. Suzanne and I were helping MaryAnn receive artwork the day she got the call her cancer was in remission. To make sure it wouldn't come back she had radiation treatments. With incredible energy, she went to Chesterton (pre-show) to make sure everything was just right. She fought hard and never looked back.

All I can say is that Heaven is going to be a little more colorful, a little more creative, and I’m certain that it will now smell like cookies baking 24/7. Going to miss you, dear friend.

In Memory of Mary Ann Gradisher