Sunday, June 16, 2019

"Thoughts Woven" Exhibit Tall Grass Art Association

1st prize -  Cherlyn Gradt - “Soul Sitting”

 2nd prizes-  Andrea Fox-  “Evolution”

2nd prize- Laura Lein Svencner - Long Walking Tales

3rd prize - Barbara Pompei Boland- “ Leavings”

 3rd prize- Tania Blanco - “ Outdoor Narratives”

 3rd prize - Fabra DiPaolo- “ Ligature

Honorable Mention -Carol Kazwick “ Good girl, Bad girl” 
This exhibit was Judged through Midwest Collage Society independently from Tall Grass Art Association, ribbons will not be hung, but will be sent to the artists at a later date. 

Judge Ann Blaas
Definition of Collage for Exhibits
In its purest form, collage is the gluing of paper to another material.  Cut or torn pieces of paper are affixed to a base of paper, canvas or wood.  The composition may be figurative, abstract, simple or complex.  Collages may include found papers such as book pages, newspaper clippings, magazine photos, shipping labels or junk mail  They may also include other generally flat items such as cloth, metal, wire, mesh, photographs, leaves, or leather.  Most contemporary collage artists work with acrylic paints and mediums as they lend themselves to a layered approach and have the benefit of drying quickly.
Assemblage is the gathering together and assembling of a number of three dimensional objects into a composition.  Pieces may be freestanding or constructed inside a container such as a box, discarded drawer or shipping crate.  Work may be created using a single material such as wood or metal, or may bring together a large variety of objects like old toy and doll parts, household items, clothing jewelry and photographs.  Items are usually glued, soldered welded or wired together.
Mixed media refers to a work of art that was created using more than one art medium: an ink drawing combined with watercolor or a pencil drawing on top of an acrylic background.  It is used to describe work that combines multiple techniques and media: a stretched canvas covered with papers, paint, cloth, leaves and wired mesh, or a wood panel collaged with papers, texture with plaster or molding paste and then painted.  They may be more three-dimensional than a traditional collage.

 What a wonderful Gallery and Tall Grass Art Association to be exhibiting with special thanks to Claudia and Debbie for their Curating abilities.

Monday, June 3, 2019

June's Demo

1-2:30 pm "Pouring Watercolor Techniques for Synthetic Texture" 
Watercolorist, Sandy Newell, will demonstrate her watercolor pouring technique which involves mixing up various colors of watercolor paints and pouring the paint over things like lace, coffee filters, rubber bands, washers and other objects to create interesting patterns. The poured  paper and the other objects may then be used in collage. She will bring in altered paper examples and finished pieces of her work.