Wednesday, March 31, 2010

ICE Internation Collage Exhibit and Exchange

Some of our members set themselves up for the challenge of creating 13 collage and send them to New Zealand to be part of The 12th ICE exhibit. Take a peek and see if you can find their names and see there work... what a great exhibit.

Friday, March 12, 2010

We Miss You, Pat B!

Longtime MCS member and past exhibit chair Pat B has to be away from us for a time as she cares for her elderly mother out of state. At our recent meeting, I took some photos to send to her. Here is her reply:

"You are all fantastic! You are in my thoughts. May all of you have the best sale and exhibit ever. I loved the photo collage of all of you. Sincerely, PB"

Sunday, March 7, 2010

April's Meeting

Sunday April 11th, 2010
Note: Since Easter falls on the first Sunday of April our meeting has been moved to the second Sunday for that Month only.
Sarah Rehmer will be presenting a demonstration on Encaustic Wax Techniques.
Membership renewals are due
MCS 20.00per year
NCS 35.00 per year
total is 55.00
Create a Membership Card
each member is asked to make a collage size 4" x 7" Bring it to the next meeting for everyone to vote on, Please put your name on the back with title.. we will pick a winner for the Directory cover and the new membership cards. If your a winner you will receive membership for one year to the MCS free... so lets see who will win.
Information about joining the National Collage Society
Also this year, we are encouraging, MCS members to consider becoming members of the National Collage Society. If at least half of our members become NCS members as well that will
allow us to become regional group of the NCS, giving us non-profit status. It is the only Collage Society around with that status and provide the opportunity for an Annual Collage Exhibit and Catalog print out..

Our meeting was changed

Here's Ann Starting us off
The cradle for the lay them in there and use your guide and awl to poke holes for later on when we stitch the signature together.

Laura's quick drawings of the covering the covers that Ann showed us how to do...because of the size of the group it was hard for us to all see Ann...glad there was a board to draw on..

Jerri's Book all finished

See the beautiful spine of the book

Coptic Stitching taught to 31 artist in less then 2 hours... we are something!! and Ann she had it all ready for us..great job Ann!!

With a coptic stitch the book lays nice and flat.
Here is a few of our members,

JoAnn, Jeanne, Maryanne, Mary and Marge

Judy, Nancy, Cindy, Wendy and Sandy, with Nadine with Eve in the front

Jim, Eve, Connie, Melinda, Barb, Gai, Jerri, Pat, Mary, Sylvia, Jeanne and Mary Beth with our demonstrator and mini workshop teacher Ann.

Dale, Ann and Tania standing with Sue, Gail and her friend.

what a great time though tight for space we did it we all made a Coptic Stitch book... We are a pretty amazing group to be able to do that in the short amount of time and space.

Hi all for those that made it we all moved our meeting to the Library at the last minute being the police need the room for important things going on... So anyone that came after, we are sorry that you didn't make it and for the inconvenience it caused.

We had 32 members at this meeting and Ann had a book packet for everyone.. can't believe it... She passed out instruction too but we will have to have her back again and do a whole day workshop that's for sure..

Monday, March 1, 2010

Mayslake winners and closing reception

Midwest Collage Society

Mayslake Peabody Exhibit
Jan 12th-Mar 5th
Closing Reception Saturday, March 6th 10am-12noon
1717 W. 31st Street, Oak Brook IL 60523

1. Laura Lein-Svencner, Darien IL "Ancient Messages"
2. Eve Ozer-Burr Ridge IL "Memories"
2. Wendy Finch- Naperville, IL "Apt 211"
3. Mary Beth Miller Lies-LaGrange IL, "Melancholy"
3. Margi Hafer-Frankfort IL, "Memories of a walk in the park"
3. Debbie Heemstra Novak-Brookfield, "She Said, She'd Heard"
Honorable Mention, Sarah Ettinger-Naperville, "Forgotten Remembrance"
Honorable Mention, Tania Blanco-Naperville, "The Remembrance Mandala"
Honorable Mention, Mary Ann Gradisher, Hammond IN, "My Memory"
Honorable Mention, Barbara Boland,LaGrange IL "36 x 24 x 26"

Judge was Cindy Fields, A full time Artist for 20 years in mixed media and acrylic paints. Owner of Cindy Fields Designs, in Naperville, a gallery, gift shop for the last 3 years.
Comment from Judge, Overall Comment on Exhibit: A fabulous show!!! Each artist has such a personal style that brings a person in to see the details. it' was difficult to narrow the choices to just "10" !