Wednesday, August 29, 2018


September NO MEETING

September 19-23 2018 ARTIST RETREAT
20 people are signed up! 

October 7th  12- 2:30 p.m. Sandra Bacon will present a Workshop/Demonstration on GOLDEN ACRYLIC PRODUCTS There will be free samples and lots of new ideas she’ll share.
Sandie will present an exciting overview with many new examples of the ways in which GOLDEN paints are used in mixed media pieces. From gels and pastes as adhesives to special effects with paints to incorporating unusual surfaces and papers into your artwork- this is a chance to understand the versatility of acrylics.
There will be a hands-on portion to this- participants are asked to bring their own brushes to work on some prepared boards.

Sandie Bacon is a classically trained, versatile artist known for both her paintings and her large-scale mixed media work. Her artwork is in many personal and corporate collections including Jim and Wendy Abrams, the Coyne Collection, William Blair Foundation, Chicago Department of the Environment. Her collaborative artwork with John Hatlestad (through Chicago Sculptors Inc) is currently in front of the Peggy Notebaert Museum, their artwork for Lighthouse for the Blind is in front of the John Hancock Building, she is painting a series of large-scale murals for Sunset Foods and showing nationwide in galleries.
Sandie has an MFA(Maryland Institute Graduate School of Painting) and is a "working artist" for Golden Paints.
November 4th  12-2:30 p.m.Andrea Fox will present  a workshop on creating a “Flutter Book”.

December 2nd   12-2:30 p.m.MCS Annual Christmas Party

Our last MCS show of the year is in December at the Woodridge Public Library. We will choose the theme at one of the next meetings. Send in your ideas! Other information will be supplied soon! 

From Margi Hafer...
Please send me photos of your completed Sisters Project artwork as an attachment to your email with your artist statement for the Sisters Project book. I would like to finish the book by November, if possible. When you've finished the artwork you've created from Donna's art, please print her name, Donna Johnston and sign your name under her printed name. Your artist statement can say anything you want to about your experience with this project. It does not have to be more than a couple of sentences or a paragraph. I would like to include your artist statement along with your art in the book. 
Since the exhibit isn't until next year, I do not need the actual pieces of artwork at this time. The exhibit at the Vogt Gallery will be the month of July 2019, and the reception will be Friday, July 12th 6:30-9p.m. I will be adding images to the Sisters Project Facebook page and start promotion of the exhibit in early 2019. Artists may choose to keep their finished pieces and donate to a charity of their choice in Donna's memory. These pieces may still be in the exhibit, even though they are not for sale. 
Thank you to all of you who are taking part in this special effort to finish my sister's art and help support worthy charitable organizations with the sale of the finished art pieces.
If you have questions or concerns please call or email me.

There will be a small group show of five volunteer MCS members at the Indian Prairie Public Library during the month of September. They are: Cherie Denton, Sandy Finch, Chris Jacobson, Joan Lucht and Paige Whitney. There is no reception there, but please support them by going to see their work and let them know what you think!

Please keep in mind that all members may submit news up to one week before each meeting. Send to Joan Lucht