Wednesday, April 14, 2010

One of our own Members Dianne Martia shares her art

Dianne Martia will participate in the Fields Project in Oregon, Illinois, in June to create a Field Sculpture -- an opportunity to “paint with the land” by cutting/mowing flora on a pallet of grassland that can be up to 5 acres in size located in the scenic Rock River Hill Country. These Field Sculptures are designed by the artist and created with the help of a farmer and tractor, mowed into the field, and designed to be viewed and photographed from the air. The objective is to focus public attention on art, agriculture, and our natural resources while creating new relationships between artists, farmers, environmentalists, and educators. As one of the visiting artists, she will also participate in the Fine Arts & Crafts Festival held at Mix Park, located on Rt. 2, south of Rt. 64 in Oregon, Illinois, on June 27.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Clarification of needed supplies

I checked with Anne Sherwin from 3 Amis Designs about a few of the supplies we'll use at the May 2nd meeting.
Some clarification:
the tape to bring would be scotch tape;
a stylus is just fine for the embossing tool;
we'll be cutting 11" long paper so rulers and possible paper cutters should take 12 inches.

This looks like it will be fun!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sarah E. Rehmer

Quick Post here.. for those of you that were at our last April 11 th meeting we had a guest Artist Sarah E. Rehmer present her encaustic mixed media...An overwhelming amount of members and new faces attended.. We are so very happy to see the excitement generated in our group...
thank you Sarah

May 2nd Meeting preview and info..

3Amis Designs, Inc

3Amis Designs, Inc. is an award winning company that has created an original and distinctive paper art form. Our process uses a variety of exquisite Asian, decorative and uniquely designed papers. These papers are utilized in a specific folded format to create two dimensional pictures.
To date, 3Amis Designs, Inc. has developed three distinctive series: The Asian Series depicts several styles and types of vases, fans and kimonos. Origami pieces are also available. The Animal Series depicts butterflies, dragonflies, fish., dragons, seahorses and birds. All designs are copyrighted. Finally, our Holiday Series includes several Christmas trees, a wreath and candles. Miscellaneous designs are also available

Each piece is individually handcrafted and composed of the highest quality archival materials, ensuring years of lasting beauty. In addition, each is framed in a high-gloss black metal frame and double or single matted, dependent on size. 3Amis Designs can create customized designs and colors to compliment any d├ęcor or accommodate design schemes and plans. We can also work with clients on an individual basis to explore a variety of design options. Customized framing is also available. 3Amis Designs is proud to offer a most unique and original piece of art for the discerning buyer, interior designer, art collector, architect or home owner.

Each work of art is guaranteed to be the center of attention, as well as a valued possession for many years to come.

Anne Sherwin
Leslie Trebotich
Telephone Number: 708 373-6842
Fax: 708 479-9812
Email Address:

3Amis Designs Workshop Materials
May 2, 2010
We will be making a Christmas Design

Participants should bring:
• 3 Complimentary papers – patterned, solid or mixed (each @ 8.5 X 11 or larger)
• Exacto Knife
• Scissors (Small for detailed cutting)
• Tape – ½ inch wide
• Ruler
• Bone folder
• Embossing tool
• Self-healing cutting mat
• Paper cutter

3Amis Designs will bring:
• 4 paper cutters
• 4 cutting mats
• Christmas papers will be available for sale
• Cardstock for base of design
• Final sealing material for artwork

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Illinois State Museum On and Of Paper Exhibit

On & Of Paper
Lockport Gallery - Illinois State Museum, 201 West Tenth Street, Lockport, IL
Paper has for centuries served as a versatile material for the artist. Paper is a core element,
a support and a surface on which to sketch and test. The prints, drawings, photographs, and constructions
in this exhibition vary by era, purpose, and subject, yet are linked by a single feature: every object is
either ON paper or OF paper.
Through July 30, 2010
Free Sunday lectures - Perspectives - April 25, May 23, June 27