Tuesday, August 1, 2017


AUGUST 6   9am-3pm
 Fabra DiPaolo will present her workshop on Suminagashi, a Japanese form of marbling that floats ink on water to create beautiful concentric patterns. These patterns are then transferred to paper or uncoated cotton and used for collage another paper arts. Bring 2 small round Japanese brushes and scissors. All other materials for Suminagashi will be supplied. Members are also encouraged to bring materials to work on their current projects and a  plastic tablecloth. Although there are always snacks you may want to bring a sack lunch.

OCTOBER 8  Pam Eberlin, award winning assemblage artist, will present a cigar box assemblage workshop. Start collecting the materials you may want to use...including a cigar box. You may want to start thinking about a theme for your box too. Pam will also have some items from her stash to supplement what you bring. More details in the next newsletter.

NOVEMBER 5  Tammy Deck, fabric artist, will present a program on felted collage. More details in October.

DECEMBER 3  Christmas Holiday Party/pot luck /gift exchange

Final payment for retreat is now due.  Please check your records and mail in your checks at your earliest convenience. Thanks and let's get ready to create in Indiana. We have several new participants this year and one from as far as Miami who will join us. Attached is the packet in case you are still on the fence about joining us.
Questions: contact TANIA BLANCO  630-464-3749 or e-mail taniablanc@aol.com  

Visual Music in Our Souls at the Vogt Art Center (July 5th--29th)
was an outstanding success! We received so many compliments on our work. 

Some of our members also sold work there. 
Our judge, Claudia Craemer had wonderful things to say about our show.  (Judge form is attached)
Please also thank Margi Hafer, who helped arrange this show through her acquaintance with Julie Dekker and the gallery itself.
Anyone who has not picked up their work needs to call the Gallery  (708 614-6503)

Forty-seven people are participating.  The final list is attached and is being sent to Crystal Warren. Does anyone object to having their email addresses added so buyers can contact us? 

You may bring your work to the August 6th workday along with $20.00 check payable to Midwest Collage Society since it is to pay our judge, cash awards etcEither Tania Blanco, Margi Hafer or Nancy Savaiano Rosenberg will take it from there. If you cannot bring your work then, you may call any of them and arrange with them to drop your work at their homes. Otherwise, you need to bring it downtown yourself.
Tania Blanco  (Naperville---west) 630-355-6148   taniablanc@aol.com
Margi Hafer  (Frankfort----south) 815-469-4677   margihafer@yahoo.com
Nancy S-R (Burr Ridge---central) 630-325-9211  NSRdesign3@gmail.comTurkan finished designing and ordering the post cards and has them at her house---and will bring them to the August 6th Work Day.  THANK YOU TURKAN!

We hope to have the show hung by early afternoon
The reception will be Thursday, October 5th,  4PM to 6:30PM ---so mark your calendars!

Finally, those of you who wish may write an artist's statement or bio to be included in a binder at the Cultural Center.  This is not required, but people often like to read about us and our work.
Attached is Donna Johnston's bio which Margi shared. It is lovely reading and may inspire you to write one too!
Aurora----November 2017   This is prime gift buying season and so a great time to show!

More information and an entry form upcoming.

Elaine Rath will be the featured artist at the LaGrange Art League, 122 Calendar Court, LaGrange, from July 31 - August 24th.  Everyone is invited to "Collective Curiosities" Artist's Reception on Sunday, August 13th from 2pm - 4pm.  Refreshments will be served, with music by granddaughter, Jessica Rath and friend.

Joan Lucht received the Peoples Choice Award for A Tree Whispers in the Visual Music In Our Souls exhibit at the Vogt Art Center.

Nancy Staszak  received Best of Theme Award at the Naperville Art League Illuminations Exhibit for her Trappist World II

Laura Lein-Svencner was selected as a finalist in the 34th Annual Artist Magazine competition in the Abstract/Experiment category with Collage, Blue Feathers, 30 x 30 wood panel and will be listed in the Jan / Feb 2018 issue.

Check out Laura's upcoming classes at Mayslake Peabody Estate  
Mind, Body and Creative Spirit Day Retreat, Collage and Spirit Animals, Artists Way, Creative Vision Boards, Winter Art Journaling.

Studio Picks- Create an Art Bundle
9th Annual Outdoor Studio Exhibit, Original Art, Prints and Misc.Materials
September 8th and 9th9:30-4:00 each day -weather permitting
6718 Dale Road Darien IL 60561

Elaine Rath wants to sell a beautiful antique walnut wood portfolio stand in perfect condition for $150.  Paid $1500 originally at a high end antique show, but just wants to find it a good home where someone who can use it and will  appreciate it. Can't take it to Florida.  Call or text her at 630-536-4404
BIG resale of artwork, jewelry, pottery, frames, books and art supplies
Addison Center for the Arts Gallery. 213 N Lombard Road Addison, IL 60101 
Wed. Aug 2 through Sat. Aug 5 10-4. 


Monday, July 24, 2017

Vogt Art Center, Tinley Park, IL Midwest Collage Society Exhibit

Vogt Art Center 17420 67th Ct, Tinley Park, IL 60477
Judge’s Bio:  Claudia Craemer -Artist and art educator, involved with Tall Grass Arts Association for over 12 years and also with Union Street Gallery for 10 years.  Has exhibited and received honors and awards in many regional shows and has curated or judged nearly 30 exhibits for Tall Grass, Union Street, The Victorian House Gallery, Prairie State College's Christopher Gallery, and others.

JUDGING: (one 1st place, two 2nd place, three 3rd place, four honorable mentions)

1st Place (artist)   CAROL WEBER
Title:                      Bits and Pieces of Us
Comments:   Delightful piece, full of information and a complex mix of images and materials wonderfully arranged.
Lots of “tid bits', mementos, that suggest through the linear movement within the composition and the collection of specific objects, a journey, passage, a reflective moment, harkening back to an earlier shared time.
Title:                       Finding One's Own Voice
Comments:   Beautiful, classy, stately, regal.  A powerful piece that doesn't scream.
Fluid and elegant movement and repetition of shapes, forms, patterns. A refreshing place to linger. A calming voice to listen to.

2nd Place (artist)   ELAINE RATH
Title:                       Crescendo
Comments:   Bold, operatic; an engineered, carefully crafted work. A kind of fanfare through precise shapes that rush across the space, that fill, fold back, explode outward.  Visual sound, blasts and beats as color and form.

3rd Place (artist)   JOAN LUCHT
Title:                      Ohmm
Comments:   Restrained. Strength in subtle edges, glimpses, impressions, tiny whispered phrases of color peeking through, marking time.  A meditation, prayer, chant.  An introvert's poem.

3rd Place (artist)    NANCY STASZAK
Title:                        Quartet
Comments:   A vibrant and complex grid work, demonstrating mastery of color
and texture, pattern and movement. These are the elements that command our attention at first, and also keep us returning to discover more interesting areas
with repeated viewings.

3rd Place (artist)     JERRI REIMANN
Title:                         Stream of Consciousness
Comments:   The flow of ideas, energy, confidence, exuberance, through intense color and surface marks. A landscape of thought and emotion, fluid and moving within never-static, ever-changing moments.

Honorable Mention (artist)   RACHELLE BARMANN
Title:                                       Music of My Soul
Comments:   Visual music: meter, rhythm, repetition, punctuation. A kind of steadiness and resolve. Pristine. Such great care in selection and placement of hundreds of elements. Attention given to harmony. Unity. The silent chimes that interrupt the stillness.

Honorable Mention (artist)   ANNETTE PLETTAU
Title:                                        Kentucky Farm, Winter
Comments:   An actual landscape as well as a lush collection of papers and textures. Serene and welcoming, drawing us in to a peaceful hideaway.

Honorable Mention (artist)    CAROL KAZWICK
Title:                                        Homage to Kurt
Comments:   One of the more orderly, compositionally strict pieces. Implies a setting of limits and abiding by principles. A very satisfying work of variations on a theme, repetition of colors and shapes, concern for filled and empty spaces.

Honorable Mention (artist)    VIRGINIA GUZIOR
Title:                                        Birdsong I
Comments:   A departure from many of the other works in the show through its use of surprising fabrics, stitches, applique, the somewhat oddness of colors and texture choices.  The world within the elaborate frame seems of another time,
where brocade and harpsichords might be part of the room just beyond the birds.

Overall Comments on Exhibit: 
The Visual Music in Our Souls Exhibit is a large, diverse, and impressive show of
dozens of approaches to collage. From images that are created primarily from cut and paste papers and pictures, to works that incorporate painting, glazing, textural surfaces and even 3D objects, the range of styles and formats is exciting. The artists demonstrate experienced handling of media, a sensitivity to color and pattern, an attention to contrasts between textures and forms.
Many of the works invite us to keep coming back to explore and enjoy intricate areas of dense detail up close, and some of the works read as bold statements of color and composition from far across the room.

So many of the pieces in the show are worthy of receiving applause and appreciation, and it was extremely hard to determine levels of honors to be
given. Many more works could have received an award.  The exhibit as a whole
is full of joyful and energetic compositions and daring pairings of delicate and powerful, subtle and assertive visual statements.

It was a pleasure to spend time studying all the collage pieces, to see new directions appearing in the works of some familiar artists, as well as to discover
some new artists that are now part of the group.  The MCA is definitely an
organization that continues to grow and improve each year. Congratulations on
another great show!

Claudia Craemer

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Sharing an Article about Collage

From the Modern Met...http://mymodernmet.com/collage-art-collage/

Thursday, July 6, 2017



This Friday evening July 7th   7-9PM

17420  67th Court    Tinley Park, IL 60477
Gallery phone  708-614-6503

We can arrive earlier if we want.  The gallery/Mansion will be open for us.
They will provide wine, punch, cheese, crackers & sweets.
You may also bring a plate to share--- if you would like to help out.
You may bring your business cards.

There will be a Jazz Concert at the Gazebo and a large audience, so invite your friends and family!

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Gelatin plates and Gelli plates with loads of stenciling

 Over 20 members showed up today..

 June 4th      "Creating and Layering Stencils" Ginni Guzior
 A Gelatin plate that Ginni made to show us how it works.

 Ginni gives us a Demo
 Layering the stenciling process.
 Laura's feather action

Some Wonderful printed, stenciled and stamped papers to use by themselves or with as collage papers. We had a great time Thanks Ginni!!!

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

June 4th MCS Meeting

June 4th  12 - 3pm   "Layering Collages" by using Gelli plates, stencils, rubber stamps and acrylic paint.

Please bring:
-  Gelli plate (if you don’t have one wrap a sturdy piece of cardboard with some aluminum foil or make one using recipe below supply list)
-  Stencils you own
-  Large rubber stamps
-  Assorted acrylic paints
-  Brayer
-  Scissors
-  Exacto knife
-  Cutting mat
-  Baby wipes or something similar
-  Plastic gloves
-  Apron
-  Hairdryer
-  Assorted bristle brushes
-  Sponge pieces
-  Printing baren or a wooden spoon
-  Assorted papers to print on assorted sizes as:  handmade paper, newspaper, kraft paper, wrapping paper, etc.

Here are instructions for making your own Gelli plate:
You will need 1 covered 9x13 cake pan
2 (4 pack) Knox gelatin
3 (6oz) bottles plain glycerin
Put 2 cups of glycerin in a bowl. Sprinkle all 8 packages of Knox gelatin on top and fold to soften
Set aside
Boil water and pour 2 cups water gently in to gel mix. Stir gently until no water pools on top. Carefully pour mixture into cake pan. Remove any bubbles be touching them
Set pan level in refrigerator. (do not cover)
When set, gently loosen. Place a piece of sturdy material (cookie sheet, board etc.) and invert. 
If the Gelli plate is torn, cut it up and put in the microwave to remelt it. Then pour into the 9x13 pan to repeat process.

No Meeting in July

August 6th    Workday with Suminagashi Marbling Techniques presented by Fabra DiPaolo (This workshop was originally scheduled for March meeting that was cancelled)

 FALL RETREAT: September 20 - 24, 2017.  $250 for 5 days of creative play. Deposit is due by June 15. We have financial responsibilities to the Camp. Registration form on blog
Questions: contact TANIA BLANCO  630-464-3749 or e-mail taniablanc@aol.com  

Our next two shows are judged shows.
That is, we have cash prizes and the opportunity to qualify for the Annual Best of the Best Show.
All work for these shows MUST be collage work---that is, have layers of paper, fabric, etc as an integral part of the composition.
Visual Music In Our Souls  will be judged by Claudia Craemer, who curator at Tall Grass Gallery in Park Forest.
Remnants and Remembrances at the Chicago Cultural Center will be judged by Jeanine Coupe-Ryding, an instructor at the School of the Art Institute.  They are both art experts with discerning eyes and will have insightful comments about our work.

Exhibit Opportunity in July
The July Vogt Art Gallery show is easy for us, since you (or a friend) will deliver your work the week prior and pick up your work the week after (possibly even that night after the reception so you don't have to make an extra trip)
They will hang the show and do the labels.  They will provide refreshments, though we are invited to  bring some to supplement what they have.  That reception is  Friday, July 7th,  7---9PM

For the Chicago Cultural Center show we need drivers with vans to pick up our work in October.
Margi Hafer, Nancy Savaiano-Rosenberg and Tania Blanco have volunteered to deliver with their vans. 
Our August work day is a good time to drop off work in Darien----or any time during that month prior to the actual drop off day downtown Thursday, August 24th.  You would make arrangements with the drivers.     
MCS will cover the  costs for the three drivers with vans who are gathering and delivering work for all of us ---and the van drivers who pick up our work in October.

We need several people to help that day with check in, hanging, and collecting the $20 hanging fee. (The hanging fee goes to pay the judge, the prizes, van parking, etc.)
People would need to make a time commitment to arrive early enough (by 9:30 or 10:00) that day to help with check in, OR come a little later and stay until the show is hung----or help with one task and switch off with others who can complete the show.  
We can't cover parking costs for everyone, so the rest of our volunteers will have to do it for love & duty....

Please let me know if you can help with pickup,  delivering, checking in, hanging work or placing labels on August 24th.  (Nancy Staszak  astaszak@aol.com  or call 630-985-0933)

Margaret Swedzikowski received a third place award for an alcohol ink piece at the 80th Exhibition of Painting and Sculpture in Polish Museum of America in Chicago. 

Elaine Rath will have a solo show at the Woodridge library for the month of June with an artist's reception on Sunday, June 11th between 2-4pm.  Hope you can come.

Laura Lein-Svencner will teach a Floating Collage 3-Day Workshop 
July 13th, 14th and 15th
Naperville Fine Art Center and Gallery 
508 N. Center Street, Naperville IL 
Flyer and supply list is attached

All members may submit news up to one week before each meeting. 
Send to Joan Lucht  joan.of.art33@gmail.com

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

MCS Members Spirit Dolls

                                  Here's a few that are completed during our workshop.