Saturday, September 29, 2012

October's Meeting

Our October meeting is Sunday, October 7, from 12:30 - 3:00 pm at the Darien Municipal Center, 1710 Plainfield Road, Darien. Our own Mary Warner will be teaching a mini-workshop on the use of alcohol inks, and the studio fee is $5. Below is what Mary sent about the workshop and the items you need to bring along.

We’ll be making some small, ornamental collages on laminate (sample) chips, using alcohol inks as our background media. Alcohol inks are translucent colored inks that work on non-porous surfaces.
The main supply to bring is sample laminate chips found in the flooring section at home improvement stores such as Home Depot and Menards. The stores don’t mind you taking a few samples; try to bring 3-5 pieces, and more if you’re able, to give to those who don’t get a chance to get any. Lighter colored chips show the colors a bit better. To save time, if you can, prepare your chips by sanding off any printing on the front and then painting the back of your chips with gold or silver paint. (That painting can be done afterwards, too, but it’s nice to have it already done before starting.) I do have some extra chips for those who don't find them. Besides the laminate chips, bring a flat box and lid – like a Fannie May candy box to carry home your chips. The finishing glaze takes a good while to dry.
After we add the color of the alcohol inks, we'll do some simple collaging with small images. Things you might be adding later to your collaged chips are charms, beads, glitter and the like. I'll bring several things you can add. Some of these will hang with jump rings. These can’t be added until the final glaze is dry, so don’t feel you have to bring these to the meeting.
I will bring the inks and other supplies we need. Hopefully I’ll have time to mention some of the other ways to use alcohol inks. If anyone has any pieces using alcohol ink, please bring along to show. Or if you want to bring a few white dominos on which to add color, bring them too.
2. A Little Story from the MCS Retreat
Following the retreat, one of our members sent me the following story for your reading enjoyment:
From Cracktoe to Toeledo and Toeronto: The Toe Story (not written by Tolstoy)

The unexpected episode of the stout gray-haired grandmother at the Art Retreat at Camp Mac in Indiana.

It was a dark and stormy night (oops, wrong story)...

Sunday, last meal, last day. Mary (complete name withheld) got dressed and was ready for breakfast. Fully dressed is a blessing because the sight would be a stomach turning event, although it has started many people on a successful diet. Going downstairs proved to be her downfall. Broken toe, the rest just bounced.

Rescue occurred and ministrations of coffee and sympathy were applied... also suggestions of a toe truck (turned down in place of a wheel barrow with cushions). Various offerings of water and food (turned down-because of undetermined distances of return trip facilities). Other suggestions of various pain relievers and to elevate the toe while

Driving back an Urgent Care Center appeared, unfortunately closed on Sundays. Also it was unfortunate that driving with your toe elevated on the dashboard, although being rather comfortable, did get unexpected results from other drivers who thought I was giving the the finger.

Once home, pampered ministrations and art inspiring colors of blue, green and yellow occurred. I do not have toetle recall, but this is my toe tale. M
PS: I have inquired to join the Black & Blue Plutoenium Tribe.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Some collage artists arrive for MCS retreat

Top to bottom: Some of the artists ready to make art. An evening out on the town to the theatre. Maureen demos a pouring technique.  June demos a odoriforous technique with Citrasolv.