Wednesday, November 30, 2011


1. Our annual December "Eat, Gab and Grab" meeting is this Sunday, December 4,
from 1:00-3:00 p.m. at the Darien Municipal Center, 1710 Plainfield Road, Darien.Members are asked to bring a dish to share on our buffet tables, so please contact our Hospitality Coordinator Barb Arntzen and let her know what you are bringing.  That will help her crew to plan how much serving space is needed and will help balance the menu. 

We will also have a grab bag of small handmade art and/or gifts, so if you'd like to participate, bring a wrapped gift along.  This is always a wonderful time of exchanging our handmade items.

Since January weather is so unpredictable, we normally do not have a January meeting and currently do not have one planned for January 2012.  But there may still be time to put one together if you really want one.  If we DO plan one, it would probably have to be on January 8 or 15 rather than the first Sunday of the month.  Please respond to this e-mail and let us know your preferences: 

January meeting?  Yes or No
Date preference?   January 8 or January 15
Style of meeting?  Discussion, lecture, demonstration, hands-on 

Our February meeting will be an all-day work day on Sunday, February 5, 2012.

If we don't see you at our Decembers Meeting Have a safe and Happy Holiday Season.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Call for Art

Collage/Assemblage Centennial
1912 - 2012


The modern use of collage techniques is consider to have begin in 1912 with works by Pablo Picasso (such as shown). Constructive art as been growing ever since. To celebrate this 100 year anniversary the International Museum of Collage, Assemblage and Construction ( would like to invite you to contribute one or more modest sized hand-made collages, assemblages, box assemblages or constructions* representative of your working style for a large (hopefully overwhelming) exhibition that will be held in 2012. A catalog of the exhibition will be created and made available to contributors at actual cost. A PDF version of the catalog will be available to contributors for free.

No Fees, No jury, all works accepted and exhibited, none returned. Your contribution will become an important part of the Museum’s permanent collection.

What is needed.
Please send one or more collages, assemblages, box assemblages or constructions of modest size (you decide what is ‘modest’) that is ready to hang on a wall or exhibit on a pedestal or shelf. Works on paper should be framed if possible or, at a minimum, send in a clear
resealable polypropylene bag. Unframed works will be hung together like an installation.

Please send one of the museum’s Deed of Gift forms filled in clearly and a photo of the work. To download a copy see:

On the back or bottom of the work please be sure to include your name and contact information as well as an email address and your website if you have one.

In addition, please send by email:

<!--[if !supportLists]--><!--[endif]-->o Additionally, send a digital (1000-1200 pixels on the long side) of the work by email with description and contact information for the web page that will be created for the exhibition.

<!--[if !supportLists]--><!--[endif]-->o A thoughtful statement expressing your views about collage, assemblage and/or constructive art as a contemporary form of art making and/or discuss the history of this genre and why it is interesting to you. These statements will be part of the catalog. Imagine that you are primarily speaking to the other artists who will be participating.

Send to

Collage/Assemblage Centennial

* photo montage and digital montage will also be acceptable if printed in high definition/quality on archival material, unique and signed. However, hand made works are preferred.

2011 MCS Collage Retreat

All photos added from the Collage retreat were offered by Gale V. There were a whole bunch more but I to pick just a few...I hear there were 18 members out of our 50 some membership that's always a great time when artist get together and create.  All happy faces~

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Peace Works-Midwest Collage Society

"Peace Works” Art Show & Sale
November 12 – December 16, 2011
Bloomingdale Park District Museum
108 S. Bloomingdale Rd.
Bloomingdale, IL   60108
(630) 539-3096

November 2 -- The Midwest Collage Society hopes to stuff a lot of stockings with original art this holiday season.

Their show, “Peace Works,” will feature a wall of original 8-by-8-inch artwork at a flat price of $65 each.  “Our idea is to make fine art accessible and affordable at a time when people can’t spend a lot on gifts and d├ęcor,” says Jerri Reimann, President of the MCS.  The exhibit will include two galleries full of larger artwork created on paper, canvas, wood or found objects.
The show will also offer artist-created gift items like handmade books, ornaments, jewelry and cards.  “This is not a craft show,” Reimann explains.  “Each piece is an original piece of art, so you can be sure your gift will not be duplicated!” 
Collage is a fine art medium that will celebrate its 100 year anniversary in 2012.  Collage, assemblage and mixed media artwork is composed through the layering and adhering of materials to create both abstract and realistic images.  Artists utilize an endless supply of manipulated papers, including maps, book pages, sheet music, old letters and photos.  They further embellish their work with images, stamps, paint and three-dimensional materials.  Inspiration can come from nature, color, humanity or society.
Twenty-four artists from the Midwest Collage Society will be represented at “Peace Works.”  The MCS was founded in 2003 to promote collage as a fine art.  Its members, mostly from the Chicagoland area, meet monthly to share techniques and marketing skills and to plan exhibits.
The Bloomingdale Park District Museum is located at 108 S. Bloomingdale Road in Bloomingdale, and is open Wednesdays from 4-8PM, Thursdays and Fridays from 10AM-4PM and Saturdays from noon-4PM.  An artists’ reception will be held Sunday, November 13, from 2-4PM and is free to the public.