Sunday, October 5, 2008

Printing Mini Workshop #3 with the MCS group

Water base printing ink but this process can also be used with an oil base ink. Water base is use when working with children. But a steady printer my want to use a oil base which can be cleaned up with baby oil on your plexi surface.
The print is from a photograph Nancy took of everyone and was layed over the ink. The Water base ink will dry out faster and you my have to reink the surface under the image.
Gale is showing us that the plexi glass is inked up and her paper is next with the photo of herself taped to the top. She will line it up and start printing.
Gale is using different tools to etch in the paper just enought to pick up the inks on the print paper in the reverse.
Here Gale is checking her image and thinking about re-ink the surface of the plexi glass.

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