Sunday, October 5, 2008

Oct 5th Printing Mini Workshop #1

Sandy takeing a peek to see how your impress worked in the Terra cota clay with the oil base inks.
MCS members gathered around the table as Nancy S. gives a demo on the different printing processes available to incorrporate in to collage.
Work station is set up to use three different colors, old phone book for blotting the ink from the brays. Clay tools to carve into the the slab of clay.
Nancy S. has just finished making some impression in to the class and inking up the slab.
Here are some Japanese maple leaves which makes a great impress.
Gale's print, what a great success. After making some impression with plastic Onion bags and the Japanese maple leaves, you then lay a sheet of paper on the clay and rub the surface, by hand or with the rolling pin. After your done with the clay surface use a scraping tool to scrap off the oil ink surface. Freshing up the terra cota slab and your ready to go again.

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