Sunday, October 5, 2008

Printing Mini Workshop #2

Nancy S. took quick digital photo's of all of us and then printed out an image and that image is layed out under the thin sheet of plexi glass.
The Higgins water base ink was used for the next printing process
Photo or image underneather the sheet of plexi and the paper is taped to the edge, creating a hinge effect. You work in small lines and flop our paper and blot it persay and then go back and using a nib and pen holder you dip the into the ink and continue small lines at a time. The water base inks dry fast, that's why you hinge it and work small and fast.
This is Rose's Photo image she is working on.
Joan's Puffer bird she is working on.

And Mary's Granddaughter, Sarah, is working on her's. Her finished piece is the first photo in the line here posted.

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