Monday, August 10, 2015

October 4th Program

“Mystery Build” Collage/Assemblage Challenge
Midwest Collage Society Program
October 4, 2015

For this challenge, we will each create a 3-D mixed media collage piece using the materials we receive in a mystery box.Each participant will bring a box containing various items as suggested below. We will then draw numbers to pick a mystery box to work on. At the end of the meeting we will vote on our favorite piece and a prize will be awarded to the winner.

Each Mystery Box must contain:

• One base suitable for collage/assemblage such as:

Cigar box
Shadow box
Old drawer
Small shelf

Small stand or mantelpiece
Picture frame with back
Etc. etc. Use your imagination!

         • 12-15 found objects such as:

Metal parts or hardware
Fasteners or hinges
Toy or game pieces
Bottle caps
Old keys
Old jewelry pieces
Letters, typewriter keys etc.

Beads, buttons, bradssequins
Wire, string, yarn, cord or ribbon
Scraps of fabric or trim
Natural items such as twigs, bark, pinecones, stones or shells
Etc. etc. Use your imagination!

• Five (5) collage papers of different types


Participants should bring their own paints and adhesives to use and any papers they wish to use in addition to the paper provide in the box.

Participants are required to use a minimum of 10 objects in the box and at least 3 of the 5 collage papers provided in the box.

Participants may also use any additional collage paper of their own.

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