Sunday, April 19, 2015

MCS Exhibit Alert....

Our exhibition at FINE LINE'S KAVANAGH GALLERY will be August 28---October 10th
This will be a judged show with awards and ribbons.  More people can qualify for Best of the Best for 2016.
"Judged" means there are awards, it does not mean "juried" in which some works are chosen and some excluded.

If you want to participate, please give Barb Boland and Nancy Staszak your names
This time, send emails to Nancy Staszak

1. Your name if you want to participate---send to Nancy Staszak by Thursday May 23.

2. How many works would you enter?  1--2--or 3  by Thursday May 23 (Just give us an idea)

3. Send any jpg. images that might be used for publicity to Nancy by May 23

4. We will ask you for titles, size, prices, etc. a few weeks before the show so we can type the labels. 

5. Drop off Tuesday, August 25th   Pick-up October TBA
Here are some thoughts on the theme:
Reflections Within and Beyond

Reflections are something thrown back by a body whether light sent back
from a source, an image as in a mirror or shiny surface like water or a consequence
which is evidence or a manifestation of something else. Imitation.

But they can also be observations,  impressions, feelings and conclusions derived
through  serious thought, contemplation  and meditation. 

Reflections Within and Beyond challenge us to ponder that which we know
and that which we hope for.

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