Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Awards from the Best of Best Alliance of Fine Art Exhibit

This exhibit will be up for viewing till April 25th 2015 
BoB 2015 Judging
Honorable Mentions:
1. Joe Eddy Brown- Charlie’s Angel
2. Mijeong Field- Himalaya Field
3. Neil Pradzinski- Lie Among the Susans
4. Kevin Lustrup- Sara’s Flowers
Third Place: Richard Miller- Koi Pond
Mastery of craft, great presentation, work shows many different shades of green with intricate forms.
Second Place: Carole Wilson- Big Wheels Keep on Turnin
The painting has great entwining ellipsis, strong textures and a sophisticated handle on tonal values.
First Place: Paul Callahan- Bridges
Fantastic perspective, believable reflection, a strong sense of scale and the ability to compose on a large canvas.
Best in Show: Charles Heinrich- Rambunctious Randy
Intricate, dissonant rhythms, dynamic scale and an ambitious amount of information.

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