Sunday, November 2, 2008

Making your own Stamps MCS Meeting November

As you can see in this image the tissue paper becomes transparent and you can see the image underneath very nicely.

Ann Coats the surface with acrylic medium and the places an area she has stamped over the image. Make sure the stamped paper is dry first.

Mary's Granddaughters stamp was used in the demo. What a wonderful job she did carving out the design in the foam.

Clean up is a breeze! No really with a tooth brush and water scrub the acrylic off and let the stamp dry a bit before using again.

Ann is stamping on the tissue paper, she brushes on the acrylic with a mixture of the acrylics to create unique color patterns. Some times she switches the stamp around to make interesting patterns. (Artist Tissue Papers)

Ann mixes a little methyl cellulose to help the acrylic spread easier working on a freezer paper surface so the artist tissue paper doesn't stick and clean is easy.

Laura's stamp is carved out, adding a little extra to it. Ann is showing us how she carve the foam on a bevel to get the best cuts. You will have to work little by little to get the foam cut but it makes for a great stamp. You don't have to cut out your design on the paper but do draw it on the foam block. With a very sharp blade start carving out on a bevel the foam. Not very easy but if you have a new blade it works much better. Foam is purchased at Jo Ann Fabrics or any craft store, make sure it's 1/4 thick. glue it to a wooden block with Liquid Nails. It is water proof. Let dry before using. ( just so you have an idea of what the foam sheets look like. They should be 1/4'' thick on the thinner sheets of foam it doesn't work as well)

View finder set to Image for design. Trace your foam block on a sheet of paper, draw out your design from the view finder.

copyright images which can also be used with the view finder for designs.

Samples of Ann's papers and work.

Magazines and copyright free imagery.

View finders/slide holders are used to help find images out of magazine pages for designs.
Our fearless leader Tania Blanco has been recovering at home, she would be proud of her group of ladies. We keep getting new faces and more ideas are spring up all over the place. We wish you well Tania and hope you will be on your feet very soon and back to normal.
View more members working on their stamps on the slide show.

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Anonymous said...

Great job Laura. For someone so busy you took the time to capture the process of our stampmaking with links included!!!
Thanks so much. I will send this off to my artist sister in Colorado who will love seeing this and who will be jealous.
Gale Vance