Friday, September 16, 2016

Judges Statement and Awards-Collective Muses

Judge’s Bio:  Pat Lager is an artist and musician.  She has shown her work in galleries throughout the United States and abroad.  Her artwork has been featured on the cover of St. Xavier University’s magazine, Structural Integrity.  NBC selected six of her monoprints for the set of the nationally syndicated television show, Starting Over.  Pat is the recipient of a Ragdale Foundation artist residency.

JUDGING: (one 1st place, two 2nd place, three 3rd place, four honorable mentions)

1st place  Mary Yezek
title: Reflections
Comments: Yezek presents a strong shadowed portrait against a background of quirky time pieces, some of which spill over into the frame.  Dynamic lower diagonal compliments the design.  The viewer is led into thoughts of time travel, nostalgia and fantasy.  Compelling design and imagery, along with technical mastery earn Reflections, by Mary Yezek, first prize.

2nd place  Laura Lein-Svencner
title: Shaggy Bark, Painted Mare
Comments:  Lein-Svencner perfectly balances the square and rectangular divisions, to reward the viewer with satisfying imagery in rhythmic patterns throughout the piece.  This is accessible fantasy in a harmonized color palette.

2nd place  Joan Lucht
title:  A Tree Whispers
Comments:  First the viewer notices the sculptural quality and dimensionality of the trees, then the mobile-like movement of the leaves, and finally the vague feminine spirit form.  This piece leads the viewer, little by little, to imagine secrets.

3rd place Marjorie Boyd
title:  River of Words II
Comments:  Mysterious calligraphy, diagonal thrust of the dark tree, great color choices and design encourage the viewer to look and look again.

3rd place Rose Kostan-Schwartz
title:  Ojai Joy
Comments:  This large work on a grid tells a happy story, presents strong graphic appeal, great value variation and color harmony.  It is impressive collage on a grand scale.

3rd place  Karen Sako
title:  La Coqueta
Comments:  Sako’s limited use of collage in this painterly rendering of the figure is subtle and effective.  The exquisitely modeled figure fills the page gracefully.  There is classic use of lights and darks.

Honorable Mention  Teresa Cash
title:  Appearing
Comments: This female portrait diffuses into an enigmatic background.  The story seems open-ended.

Honorable Mention    Margie Hafer
title:  On the Wings of Spring
Comments:  Hafer’s tactile materials overreach their boundaries and spill over the substrate.  The artist makes creatures that seem the stuff of dreams, and that definitely have a “boing” springy factor.

Honorable Mention  Susan Sharp
title: Ideas are the Stuff of Life
Comments: This free standing serendipity sculpture is full of ideas to stimulate any viewer’s imagination.

Honorable Mention  Nancy Staszak
title:  Calligraphy Thoughts

Comments:  The bold calligraphy contrasts strongly with the subtle background.  This piece has a grace and satisfying economy in its expressive strokes.  

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