Sunday, June 5, 2016

Annette Perone Leiber, Artist and Demonstration today

Sunday, June 5, 12:30 to 3:00
The meeting of MCS will feature Annette Perone Leiber, noted artist, educator, founder of the Addison Art Guild and Center for the Arts, whose work work appears in many collections, will demonstrate collage techniques using cheesecloth, fiber fill, modeling paste, plastic wrap and acrylics.  Members do not need to bring supplies as this will be a demonstration only.

 Annette share her work and materials today with us.  Very textural with molding pastes and gauze and other fibers.

 Layering the materials and letting them dry first before she adds the Acrylic paints.
 Here Annette is gluing down some of the colored gauze and fibers.
Pre Demo pieces

 No blue or orange were added prior to demo but look what it did to the piece.

 This is a finished piece of Annette's she shared with us, I had to take a few more images of it at different angles.

 You can see the rich textures.

 Here Annette is adding back in the paints to embellish her papers which are photo copies of the painted gauze...kind of cool.
 Looking down at one of Annette's famous sculptures.

Some many wanted to come up and really see what she was doing. 


Always something interesting at the Swap Table. 

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