Sunday, February 22, 2015

Award Winners, Tall Grass Art Assoc., Journeys, Passages, Retreats

MCS Exhibit at Tall Grass- Judged
Our judge, Jessica Segal of the Union Street Gallery
Juror Comments

Overall Comments
This show was extraordinary. The range of work was impressive, really showcasing the diversity of collage as a medium. The layout was well thought out, creating interesting connections and dialogue between pieces that would not normally occur. It was overall a very enjoyable show.

Judges Individual Comments
1st-Laura Lein Svencner
Paths on This Good Earth
Very successful composition and masterful use of technique and layers. There was sort of an odd playful whimsy to the piece that I loved. I was drawn to it and came back to it several times, each time finding something new and exciting in the piece.

2nd-Jerri Reiman
Tipping Point
Simple but powerful. Subject matter provokes emotion and viewer can relate or sympathize. Wonderful attention to detail in the laying in regards to the direction of the lines of text and the overlapping of edges. This helped add both literal and metaphorical depth and weight to the imagery.

2nd-Pamela Peterson
De La Terre A La Lune
Very beautiful, there was such depth and soul to this piece. The imagery of light penetrating dark is powerful and here it was handled with such subtle delicacy. Smart use of texture and text/illustrative elements to enhance the composition.

3rd-Barb Pompei Boland
I loved this piece! This little piece packed so much punch. It had a very appealing composition with a wonderful upbeat color palette which drew you in, then up close you could really see the depth to the layers.  A very successful marriage of collage and abstraction and a smart use of map and text imagery to reinforce this idea of "searching".

3rd-Joan Lucht
Below the Surface
Love this approach to this piece and the fun mix of media.

3rd-Margi Hafer
Thank You Marcel
Well constructed, a fun homage to Marcel Duchamp. Especially enjoyed the small book of art that allowed viewers to interact with the piece. Each small work in the book was a successful piece in of itself which was impressive.

HM-Nancy Savaiano Rosenberg
In Memory
This piece had a sort of eerie or ghostly feeling which I was fascinated by.  The implication of layers in the composition was clever, the way the components of this composition overlap and connect. I enjoyed the relationship between the geometric and organic shapes, the way the organic component sort flowed throughout the piece, often appearing to be squeezed or forced by the geometric shapes.

HM-Rachelle Hickey
In Transition: Unfolding
Innovative and progressive use of collage. Imagery is powerful, evoking a lot of emotions and preconceived ideas of meaning.

HM-Nancy Staszak
Speak To Me
Beautifully constructed composition with depth and meaning.

HM Carol Kazwik
Traveling 3: Bee Messages
Fun mix of styles and inferred nostalgia.

HM-Honorable Mention 
Ribbon will be passed out at our next Midwest Collage Society meeting on March 1st.

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