Sunday, April 6, 2014

Mono type Printing today-part 1

 Barb shared here techniques of watercolor Mono type printing. She normally uses Oil paints for this but you can get some great effect.
 Samples of mono types and added mediums, like pastels, markers and crayons.

 Lovely samples.

 I think there was about 35 people at this meeting...we had our annual renewal of membership and new board members.
 There's some great samples of where the mono type printing can for collage artists we can use it for the back ground or to make some collage papers.
 Barb gave us all a piece of Dura-lar it's a poly film (Blick Art Materials has this product)  that creates a great plate,  Watercolors are great for experimenting this process.

 Barb has the papers all nice and moist waiting in a tub of water for us...there is Gum Arabic on the top surface of the dura-lar, this helps the watercolor release on to the papers.
 Next Barb lays the paper on top of the plate and then uses a brayer to roll over gently to apply some even weight.
And there you have it!! 

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