Sunday, October 6, 2013

October 6th Meeting Recap

 Dianne Martia demonstration some Book folding to create a 3-D book that can hang on the wall. 
 Everyone listen with all ears
 Oh June's have a good time...
 Barbs on a roll with the folding.
DeeDe, is listening to the last instruction before the folding begins.
 Tania's Showing us She did it...Great Job there..
 Mary and Debbie having some good old fashion fun.
 That's right Tania get that fold just right...Focus...There you go~
 Oh some great smiles there.
 Maureen's got it working with both hands.
 The President, Jerri and Marguerite trying a different technique.
 Great group today.

 Mary Beth got it going.
 Nancy's books got a uniformed look to it.

 the photo went side ways....suppose to be lengthwise...silly Blogger...but you get the idea with Dianne's piece.
 If you want to display the back you can add the wood with screws that are hide behind the pages.
 this book is available at the library to check out...kind Cool...

And Our Mary has got fold crazy with her book...but oh so nice.


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