Sunday, March 31, 2013

April 7th Meeting

April 7th Meeting Starts at 12:30 to 2:30

Next week's do-it-ourselves critique is "Show and Tell Me What This Needs"

People should bring one or two pieces that are not finished, or pieces they are "stuck" on, or pieces they put on the back burner because they didn't quite like how they turned out. (or, heck! Bring something you like and just want feedback on!)

This nicely follows what Dorothea Bilder was presenting to us---and how pieces that got damaged or she wasn't happy with, she rebuilt!

Some questions we can come prepared to discuss are--- (thank you Laura Lein-Svencner and Claudia Creamer!)

Describe your art work: (tentative title --- or just---what is it?)
What ideas/concepts/emotions are you expressing? like: WHAT were you thinking?!
What materials have you used?
How have you used design elements--line, shape, color, texture, value, space, form---to balance your composition?

How have you achieved/used contrast, movement, repetition (pattern), emphasis, balance, or harmony in your work?
What do you want the viewer to notice/think/feel when they see your work?
Does your piece stand out from across the room, or does it invite people in for a closer look? or both?

This is a new format for us---we will divide up into three or four medium sized table groups and work in those groups. Each group can surely get to everyone that way---and maybe have time for a second piece too. People can bring a series they are working on if they want, too.


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