Thursday, January 24, 2013

February 3rd meeting

Our February all-day meeting will be Sunday, February 3, from 9:30 am to 3:00 pm at the Darien Municipal Center, 1710 Plainfield Road, Darien. Instead of a typical workday, this meeting will be more of a techniques buffet! Listed below are the scheduled technique demos and presenters, along with any supplies you should bring to try those techniques yourself. Be prepared to take notes, and bring along a lunch and beverage. You may also bring treats to share as well as art materials for our swap table. A $5 studio fee will apply.

10:00 am - Security Envelopes and How to Glue Them Down - Mary Yezek
Bring: scissors, pencil, water soluable glue (like PVA or Elmer's), a substrate (140 lb. watercolor paper recommended), and a high-contrast photo (magazine photos are fine).

10:45 am - Underpaintings: The Shocking Truth Now Revealed! - Pat Pope

11:30 am - Paint Pastes: More Fun! - Ann Hupke
Bring: Arches Text paper (or another text weight paper), plastic sheet or tablecloth, paint combs and stamping blocks.

12:45 pm - A Simple Book Cover for a Little Book - Sylvia Koch
Bring: pencil, scossors, ruler, bone folder, cutting mat, needle, thread, glue, mat knife. Sylvia will bring board for the covers and paper for covers and signatures.

1:45 pm - Assemblage Techniques for Memory Boxes in Printer Trays - June Fuerstenhaefer

2:30 pm - Calligraphy - Marge Boyd

And if one of the presenters is unable to attend at the last minute, Carol Frueh will demo A Simple Chalk Technique.

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