Sunday, October 7, 2012

Our October meeting.

 Mary W. demonstrated today with alcohol inks and the technique could be use for many other projects.
 In this photo a member is dabbing the inks on the counter top sample, I think there called Counter top tile chips. Using felts cut up in little squares...pick a clean one for each color so you don't get a mud background...Mary suggested to use just maybe three colors.

Mary is sharing with us about using the small spray bottle of rubbing alcohol too to spray on afterwards to get different effects. 

She has little wooden blocks cut to a nice size and then some Velcro stuck on there so that it hold the felt pieces nicely and you don't get your hands all inked up.

Samples of what Mary and other members have made with this process.

Mary giving a demo with the wiping off some of the inks to make room for other colors, if one would like.

Second table Mary is sharing the technique of using the paint markers to edge the tile chip, makes for a nice finished look but you have to work on it now at this stage so instead of at the very end. 

Stay on ink pad is what Mary used for the stamping of nice detail with the rubber stamps. Looks great Mary.  One could do stamp before the collage papers are added or after.  Might be a good Christmas gift..good way to use up some of the old Christmas cards.

Here Joan is gluing on some of her collage papers to the counter top tile chips.

Or some might want to make there own Name badge...Great Idea Joan.
Here is the lacquer used after all details are done...brush on.

Mary is sharing more great tips.

Her tile chip is on a piece of cardboard, makes for moving it around a lot safer as the final coat takes a few hours to dry. 

Mary is finishing up with her coat and then adding some embellishments like glitter or buttons this will set in nicely with the final coat.
The Fiskar Drill for anyone that was interested in this handy tool, it was used to drill holes in the tiles for added embellishments hanging from the bottom of the tile chip.
It was a great meeting Thanks Mary we really enjoyed it.

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