Thursday, February 9, 2012

A few photo's from Feb. meeting

 Maureen adding color to her batik paper she  made.
 Anne's batik paper.
 Some of the members are doing a doll exchange or a doll round robin kind of event...every once in a while we get a glimpse of them as they are passed to the next person.
 Sylvia's's is just beautiful
 Laura's work's a mess...but she was having fun.
 Here are a few of the members waiting their turn and taking notes on the process of making batik papers. as you can see in Maureen's hand she is holding a tool that melts the wax as you draw on the paper...later on after color is added with acrylics/ink you melt the wax off with iron and paper towels.
Tania our past president is making her greeting cards everyone always wants to buy at her work.. got to get the stock up again..running low, new year and new holiday's people will need cards for.

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