Tuesday, March 8, 2011

MCS meeting – Sunday, April 3

Mike Bessler on Photographing Your Artwork

This demo will be interactive. So if you own them, please bring your camera and any portable lighting you have like flashes (Mike will have some lighting available to use). Also bring a piece of art you want to photograph/copy. Mike will go through the steps to get a good copy of your work based on your equipment. He should have time to show you the proper settings on your camera. Last time he presented this, some of the participants ended up with photos that were good enough they could used to make copies of the artwork.

 Michael Bessler gave a wonderful presentation today at our meeting...Our members were asked to bring a piece of their work and their own cameras, so that everyone can find out how to take picture of there art work..
 Here we are learning about the different lighting to use when taking a picture of your work.
 This meeting was well received by all our members and new membership folders where passed out.

Information below was provide by the photographer and with his premission.

BesPhoto Photography
Mike Bessler

Photographing your own art.

Copy Your own art
near sunset on concrete (sidewalk or better yet driveway),
the sun should not be coming thru the trees
no sun on the artwork, that’s why near sunset
let camera do the white balance, so use auto white balance
camera, see below
between noon and 4pm inside in a south facing room with good window lighting
the sun cannot hit the artwork
in a bedroom, put the art next to the bed on the side away from the window
use a room with neutral colored walls, white, grey, black, not beige
camera, see below
use your flash off camera to one side, pretty far away
set your camera to flash white balance, you’d think it would do it automatically...
camera, see below
use a “reveal” or “blue” type light bulb, pretty far away
probably auto white balance won’t work, so you’ll have to experiment with your camera
camera, see below
use the flash on your camera
set your camera to flash white balance, you’d think it would do it automatically...
unfortunately, you’ll need to place the camera to the side of the artwork, so now photoshop comes into play
camera, see below
in photoshop use the crop tool and click on the perspective box
now you can crop to the corners of the trapizoid of your artwork and photoshop will turn it into a rectangle.
just be sure to check the proportions of width and height and use the “image size” with resample image on and constrain porportions off
I use Alien Skin Blowup
camera on a tripod
set the white balance
use a cable release or self timer so you are not touching the camera when the shutter releases
center the art under the camera or you will have to adjust the image in photoshop

Mike Bessler
630-667-5174 cell

Round Robin Exchange a year long project

Five round robin ledgers were on display at this meeting for all our member to see, This project has taken some of our members about a year to complete. More details soon..

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