Sunday, March 7, 2010

Our meeting was changed

Here's Ann Starting us off
The cradle for the lay them in there and use your guide and awl to poke holes for later on when we stitch the signature together.

Laura's quick drawings of the covering the covers that Ann showed us how to do...because of the size of the group it was hard for us to all see Ann...glad there was a board to draw on..

Jerri's Book all finished

See the beautiful spine of the book

Coptic Stitching taught to 31 artist in less then 2 hours... we are something!! and Ann she had it all ready for us..great job Ann!!

With a coptic stitch the book lays nice and flat.
Here is a few of our members,

JoAnn, Jeanne, Maryanne, Mary and Marge

Judy, Nancy, Cindy, Wendy and Sandy, with Nadine with Eve in the front

Jim, Eve, Connie, Melinda, Barb, Gai, Jerri, Pat, Mary, Sylvia, Jeanne and Mary Beth with our demonstrator and mini workshop teacher Ann.

Dale, Ann and Tania standing with Sue, Gail and her friend.

what a great time though tight for space we did it we all made a Coptic Stitch book... We are a pretty amazing group to be able to do that in the short amount of time and space.

Hi all for those that made it we all moved our meeting to the Library at the last minute being the police need the room for important things going on... So anyone that came after, we are sorry that you didn't make it and for the inconvenience it caused.

We had 32 members at this meeting and Ann had a book packet for everyone.. can't believe it... She passed out instruction too but we will have to have her back again and do a whole day workshop that's for sure..

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