Tuesday, February 9, 2010

March'7th Meeting Mini workshop

March 7th meeting at 1:30-4:00pm.
at 1710 Plainfield Road Darien Ill. 60561

Ann Hupke Member of the Midwest Collage Society will be our presenter for the Month of March she will be giving a mini workshop on Coptic stitching/book binding. Please note the supplies you will need to bring and the studio fee of 5.00 is also needed.
History of the Coptic Stitch.
In the second or third century AD, the Copts, early Christians living in Egypt, developed the Coptic binding. They folded a few sheets of papyrus together into sections. Then, adapting their technique of interlacing threads in carpet making and weaving, they used a chain stitch to bind the sections between wooden covers. Once parchment became available, it quickly replaced papyrus
for the pages. This binding technique was used throughout the Islamic world and Eastern Christen-dom (Europe), and is still used in Ethiopia today. By the fall of Rome, in 476AD, parchment had
largely replaced papyrus except in Egypt.

We will make a small “Coptic Stitch Book”…….41/2”Wx6”H

I will print out directions.
I will bring Wax thread and needles.
I will pre-cut Book boards (front and back).
I will also pre-cut some pages ( these will be the signatures of our books-and will save time.)
I will also bring the Cradles which we will share.

What members can bring:

Bone folder
Paper piercing tool (awl)
PVA –Glue and brush
About 3 sheets of 81/2’ x 11” of decorated paper for covers. ( Not watercolor paper because it cracks
when it is bent around the edges of the book board.)
Also a small cutting matt and scissors might be helpful.


Lisa said...

Hey there...I think I'd like to come to this. I'll need more info.


Lisa : )

Anonymous said...

what is a bone folder and PVA? Thank you!

Laura said...

Bone tool is a tool used to help make a nice crease in the paper while you press down and the PVA is a glue..