Saturday, April 11, 2009

Two Exhibits In Two months

The Midwest Collage Society is busy exhibit collage works from one end of town to the other.
Our First Exhibit is At the Downers Grove Public Library "Earth Stories" April 4th -May 2nd 1050 Curtiss Street Downers Grove, IL 60515.
Earth Stories theme of April, 2009 exhibit at Downers Grove Public Library. The Midwest Collage Society has chosen “Earth Stories” as the theme for this exhibit. Our planet speaks to us in many ways. Earth’s history lies buried in layers of ancient rock, in the bones of prehistoric creatures, and in the dust of galaxies light years away from us.But today we are aware of more urgent messages from the Earth.Our land, water and air are polluted with the debris of human manufacturing. Global warming threatens massive climate changes around the globe. We have a growing understandingof the interconnection and fragile nature of our ecosystems. We hear more emphasis on the need to recycle and reuse…to find new sources of energy…to reduce our carbon footprints…to restorebalance to our environment.With this as our context, members of the Midwest Collage Society interpret “Earth Stories” from a variety of perspectives, using multiple layers, different media, and the creative reuse of found objects.

Our Second Exhibit will be going up April 30th- May 29th at the Orland Park Public Library, 14921 Ravinia Ave. Orland Park IL Midwest Collage Society will be exhibit a traveling show called Alphabetica,
Midwest Collage Society members have created a traveling exhibit called “Alphabetica.” The idea of using an old set of school alphabet cards in their work and exhibiting them as a group showing was the creative idea of Mary Warner, MCS member. Each member picked an alphabet card and freely interpreted it as she wished in her own collage. The first exhibit, "Alphabetica", was shown at the Downers Grove Public Library in April, 2008, and then shown in September as “Alphabetica II” at Indian Prairie Public Library in Darien. The third exhibit, “Alphabetica III", will be exhibited at Orland Park Public Library during May of 2009. Each time the exhibit has been presented a few pieces have sold; this has encouraged the artists to create new pieces. The Collage Society members try to represent each letter of the alphabet, but at times, a few letters are missing. Children have been encouraged to come to the library's exhibits to “Find the Missing Letters.”

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