Sunday, March 1, 2009

Photo's from March 1st meeting

This is our packet that was handed out after we where able to experiment with the marbling technique.

Books and handmade books, what great possiblities with paper.
1. Put down a layer of shaving cream about a good 2" the size of your paper. Use the shaving cream from the dollar store. Works best.

Spread out the Shaving crean in a nice even palette to work off of.

You can use food coloring as you pigment or fluid acrylics too.

Regular copy paper, cut up mat board to spread shaving cream, popsicle stick to swirl the color with.

Small drop of food color is all that is needed.

Angela is swirling the food coloring around.
Doesn't this look fun? you can make some great designs.

Cool whip bowl is to scrap off the extra shaving cream when you make a marble print. There will be extra shaving cream on there so scrap it off with the mat board and save it in the bowl. Later you can reuse that.

This is Barb B's piece and it turned out great.

Tania our MCS President is have a great time spreading the palette surface flat to give it a try again.

Eve and Connie are sharing their palettes and turning out some great Marble papers.

Here is Barb B. Creating that great piece of paper.

Marble papers drying on the floor waiting to be turned in to a small book later in the workshop.

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