Sunday, April 20, 2008

Prepare for May 4th Meeting

SUNDAY, MAY 4, 2008
May’s meeting will be a papermaking workshop
with Sylvia Koch. Most of you have seen the
beautiful works that she creates… well, here’s the
chance to learn her method! Be prepared to work
with wet material and make sure to bring the
 A board (Plexiglas, gatorboard, or foam
insulation board) covered with a piece of
ALL COTTON fabric. Dampen fabric and
stretch as tightly around board as you can,
then tape on the back with duct tape. White
or beige fabric is best since you will be
adding color to your work. We suggest the
board be about 18" x 18" so that you can
create several small samples of work.
 A large sponge.
 Rubber or foam stamps or other objects that
will make an impression in the paper.

Watch the slide show for more details of May's Meeting.

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