Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Placement Winner of the Layers II Exhibit

Ann Hupke 3 Place Ribbon
Connie Nestler 3 Place Ribbon

Cynthia Lee 2 Place Ribbon Dennis Salaty 1 Place Ribbon
Laura Lein-Svencner Honorable Mention
Tania Blanco Honorable Mention
Mary Warner 3 Place Ribbon
Mary Ann Gradisher Honorable Mention
Judy Mohrhardt Honorable Mention
Joyce Leas 2 Place Ribbon

The Layers II Exhibit at Elmhurst Artists' Guild Gallery was judged by Tim Reardon, Owner of SoTish on South LaGrange Road. Tim is an Artist himself with a assemblage and collage background.

The ribbon winners for this exhibit are as follows

1. Dennis Salaty

2. Cynthia Lee

2. Joyce Leas

3. Mary Warner

3. Ann Hupke

3. Connie Nestler

H.M. Judy Mohrhardt

H.M. Laura Lein-Svencner

H.M. Mary Ann Gradisher

H.M. Tania Blanco

Congratulation to our winners.

All winners from this event will be able to participate in the Best of Best show represented by AFA.

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Kathy L said...

Oh I love this new blog. It is wonderful putting faces to all MCS members and also viewing work. This is great. Thank you to all who made it happen and Congrats to the winners. You are all awesome!