Sunday, June 10, 2018

Norris Winners

Midwest Collage Society Judging Form

Date: June 7, 2018 

Gallery or Art Center: Norris Art Gallery

Name of Judge:                                                
Susan Bartlett

Judge’s Bio:  _A botancil artist who works in the mediums of pencil and collage.  Most recently was the featured artist at the Nature Artists’ Guild at the Morton Arboretum.

JUDGING: (one 1st place, two 2nd place, three 3rd place, four honorable mentions)

1st Place (artist) Karen Sako
Title: Remembrance
Comments: A striking piece from afar that depicts light versus darkness.  Upon looking closer the haunting colors have many hidden moments that are inspired by the texture of the paper and the strokes of color

2nd Place (artist)Judy Koessel
Title: Paper Rain/Alchemy
Comments:  Through the texture of the paper and the streams of cool color, this piece sparkles and shines with alluring movement.

2nd Place (artist) Nancy Savaiano Rosenberg
Title: Male Figure
Comments: Vivid colors that represent and capture the essence of a man.  The colors are layered on boldly with texture but show warmth and coolness.

3rd Place (artist) Joan Lucht
Title:  Resistance
Comments:  From the pattern of square (inside and out), the strings tightly hung, circles dancing across and splashes of vibrant colors, this piece is rich with movement.  It is aptly titled.

3rd Place (artist) Chris Jacobsen
Title: Serenity
Comments: This piece invokes serenity; the deep cool colors, the images of nature and a sense of music in the air.  The pieces are elegantly placed to convey that emotion.

3rd Place (artist) Mara Krumins
Title:  Forgotten Stories
Comments: This piece contains intriguing pieces of textured and printed paper that entices the view to look deep inside.

Honorable Mention (artist) Rachelle Barmann
Title: The Journey
Comments:  Vibrant colored panels with textured and squares that take the eye through a journey of brightness and darkness.

Honorable Mention (artist) Nancy Castner
Title: Inspire
Comments: Invokes a feeling of folk art through colors, paper and design.  This piece makes you smaile.

Honorable Mention (artist) Mary Warner
Title: Pieces
Comments: A modern piece.  The selection and placement of the pieces bring great movement.

Honorable Mention (artist) Cherylyn Gnadt
Title: Of the Same
Comments: From the lightness of the girls, back to back, to the deep colors and textures of the roots this is a beautiful representation of sisterhood.

Overall Comments on Exhibit:  This is an alluring show by the Midwest Collage Society.  Through the medium of collage the members have shown many different and skillful techniques to showcase the theme of Bits and Pieces.

As there were so many diverse pieces, it was hard to award only nine artists.  It took a lot of time and viewing pieces more then once.

Congratulations to the winners.  It was a pleasure and honor to view all of the art work.  Thank you!

Judges signature: Susan A Bartlett

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